Corpus Christi Church

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Corpus Christi Church


My Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to Corpus Christi Parish in Pacific Palisades, California!

Our parish is a community of people, a family, who genuinely care about building the Body of Christ by reaching out to support one another in times of joy and in times of sorrow.

We are so blessed in our community to be able to live out our Catholic faith in so many different ways – in our love of the Eucharist, our love of one another, and in reaching out to those all around who are truly God’s children.

We are so happy to welcome new people into our parish family because each person brings with them so much of life’s experience and so many personal gifts that strengthen the Body of Christ here in the Palisades.

I hope you will find our parish a place of friendship, welcome, support and peace.

-Msgr. Liam Kidney

Monsignor Liam Kidney,